Ignore the Noise and Move Forward by Ann Emanuele

The Dishes Are Gonna Be There When We Get Back

September 13, 2020

Those Dishes Are Gonna Be There When We Get Back - In this story, I share a "sales tool," which works in the workplace or our daily lives.  Deciding to make change little by little, not feeling like you have to tackle everything, learn everything, change everything, but instead methodically making change at our own pace. 

I learned the One Thing around 30 years ago.  It is time to pull it out and dust it off.  In sales, the change might be a simple process or step that you are forgetting or you may not be comfortable with, and so you either avoid it or mismanage the process.  

In life, it can be our family time, our time with our precious children, or catching up with old friends.  See Blog Post with Podcast 

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